4 ways to cycle safely in the winter

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2018 | Bicycle Safety

Even if you ride your bike every day for years, cycling during winter can be challenging. You may find the sight of snowfall as a perfect excuse to avoid hopping on your bike. However, cycling in the winter can come with many benefits. Riding in the cold weather helps you burn more calories, use oxygen more efficiently and make you a more skilled cyclist. 

All it takes is some preparation and learning to safely cycle in the winter. Follow the tips below, and you are sure to be a winter cycling pro in no time.

1. Lower your seat

When you hit icy patches, your bike will be prone to wobble more than usual, so lower your center of gravity to combat this. A lower seat also helps you avoid skidding since you can put your feet on the ground more easily to balance. Stabilizing your ride is key to having a safe commute during the winter.

2. Wear the right gloves

Your hands will freeze when you ride your bike in cold temperatures. Do not let yourself get raw knuckles; get your hands in some warm and flexible ski gloves. 

3. Use lights

The winter months mean daylight is scarce. Without proper visibility, your safety on the road is in jeopardy. Equip your ride with front and rear lights to stay safe and avoid being in a bike crash

4. Clean your bike

When you ride your bike in the snow, a lot of slush, salt and dirty water will splash onto your bike. If you are not careful, this can result in damage and corrosion. Make sure you wash your ride with warm water after every time you are out on snowy roads. This will help prevent your bike from quickly gathering rust. 

If you do it correctly, riding your bike in the winter can be enjoyable. Put these tips to good use to become a better-informed winter cyclist.