What can you do to prevent bike accidents?

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2018 | bicycle accidents

When you want to go out for a ride, you need to make sure you’re prepared for a bike ride that is safe. By taking steps to prepare yourself, you’re in a better position to avoid a crash or injuries.

It’s true that many crashes are a result of drivers being unsafe around cyclists, but cyclists can take steps to avoid getting hit as well. Being safe around motor vehicles could help save your life.

Make yourself stand out for safety

One smart thing to do is to have day lights on your bike. Day lights are an inexpensive way to brighten up your bike at any time. Lights draw more attention, so you’re more likely to prevent a crash.

Another good idea is to wear bright clothing. Wear reflective strips on your clothing or bright yellow, orange or green clothing. This helps you stand out against the landscape around you, which in turn prevents serious collisions. Your bike already has reflectors, but adding more helps keep you safer.

Finally, remember that you can see better with mirrors. Instead of having to turn around to see if a vehicle is approaching from behind, install a side mirror. The mirror works just like it does when you’re driving a car; you can look behind you and see who’s approaching without having to take your mind off the road in front of you.

These are a few things that can help you stay safer on the roads. By taking these steps, you may be able to prevent a crash with a dangerous or distracted driver.

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