Should you go to the emergency room for a broken bone?

On Behalf of | May 11, 2018 | serious injuries/wrongful death

There have likely been times where you’ve gotten hurt and wondered if it was really necessary to go to the emergency room. For most people, it’s expensive and takes a great deal of time to see a doctor. If there’s no significant injury, then you’re given a diagnosis and sent home.

After a car crash, you will have pain and irritation where you’ve gotten hurt, but you may not think it’s important to go to the ER. That’s not true, and it could lead to some negative events taking place if you have a broken bone that isn’t receiving treatment.

Even if you’ve only suffered a minor fracture, it’s in your best interests to have the break looked at by a professional. Why? Even the most innocent and nondisplaced fracture can become a problem if it moves out of position. You’ll need to keep the bone immobile, which could be a challenge. Yes, a broken bone is painful, but certain breaks are in places that you need to use. Breaks in the legs, ankles or feet could become displaced easily, causing more pain and potentially leading to disfigured bones or disability. With a significant displacement, the only fix is surgery.

Even a displaced bone will eventually heal in most cases, but that’s not the problem. If it hits an artery, you could bleed to death. If the muscles are stretched or tendons strained, you could have significant pain or disability in the future. The lesson is simple: If you’re hurt, go to the hospital and get appropriate treatment immediately.

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