Should you enroll your kids in bike school?

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What Colorado child does not want to go whizzing down the street on a bike? Kids and bikes go together like the proverbial peanut butter and jelly. And with Colorado’s Bike to School initiative and events, your kids have even more incentive to learn how to ride a bike.

There is no question that bicycling is an excellent way for your kids to have a great time while getting the exercise they need. Cycling certainly beats their sitting in the house all day playing video games and texting their numerous friends. However, as a responsible parent, your main concern is for your children’s safety while they cycle. All the benefits of fresh air, physical exercise and active fun with their friends pale in comparison to a cycling accident in which they could receive serious injuries.

When your little one begins expressing interest in getting a bike and learning how to ride, you may wish to consider enrolling him or her in a bike school. In addition, even your older children who already enjoy biking after you taught them the basics of bike safety are never too old to benefit from a good refresher course.

The basics of bicycle schools

Colorado is fortunate enough to have several bike schools, some of which offer Learn to Ride classes for children as young as six. These classes teach your little one how to ride his or new bicycle properly and safely under the guidance of a trained instructor. Class sizes are small and the cost not only is negligible, but also includes such extras as the following:

  • A bike and helmet to borrow if your child does not already have his or her own
  • A starter kit consisting of a helmet or a lock and lights system that your child can bring home
  • Tasty snacks

Advanced classes provide your older kids who already know how to ride with such benefits as the following:

  • Improve their balance and pedaling skills
  • Teach them how to shift gears smoothly and appropriately
  • Teach them when and how to signal
  • Improve their navigating skills
  • Reinforce safety rules and procedures

Enrolling your kids in a bike school class is one of the best things you can do for them. Not only will it teach them the skills they need to ride safely, you benefit, too. How? Think of the stress from which a professional instructor relieves you. Also, consider the peace of mind you will gain from knowing that your precious children have both the knowledge and skills necessary to watch out for and avoid the potential hazards and dangerous situations they inevitably will face on their biking adventures.