Safety tips for swimming this summer in Colorado

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2018 | serious injuries/wrongful death

Going for a swim in Fort Collins should be fun, relaxing and an overall entertaining time with family and friends. The scary fact of the matter is that a swimming adventure can quickly turn into tragedy if someone doesn’t know how to be safe when in the water. Here are some safety tips for swimming this summer in Colorado.

You should only swim near a lifeguard. This is true at all swimming locations and especially important when going to the beach where the ocean can be very unforgiving. Lifeguards are trained in CPR, rescues, swimming out of a rip current and much more.

You should never swim alone, even if you are the most experienced swimmer out there. Don’t let your children go in the water alone either. It’s always best to swim with a buddy. This can help both people swimming stay safe while in the water.

Children of all ages should be supervised by an adult at all times when in or around water. You should never trust the life of your child to another child when near water. Watching your children is imperative when they are going for a swim. The lifeguards are present to protect swimmers, not watch your children.

Always check the water first when your child goes missing. These are precious seconds that matter when it comes to preventing a drowning accident.

The safety issues present when at a pool, lake, river or beach (ocean) can quickly take the life of a child, teen or adult. If you follow these tips your swimming trip in Fort Collins should not turn into a tragic one.