Could this dangerous intersection be a risk for crashes?

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2018 | bicycle accidents

Some places on the road are more likely than others to see an accident. Smart drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists know to avoid these areas or keep watch for hazards when passing through them. As the number of cyclists in Colorado increase, awareness of these trouble spots will only increase in importance.

Colorado Springs has seen a disturbing rise in bicycle crashes resulting in death. A woman struck by a car while she rode her bicycle near the Nevada Avenue exit from Interstate 25 highlights one particular danger area. It was not immediately clear if the biker was on the sidewalk or if the driver had made an error in connection with the accident. The site, which may be especially prone to accidents, was closed to traffic for hours while it was investigated and cleared. Hopefully, local authorities will assess the potential dangers of this area to prevent future such incidents from happening in the months and years to come.

At mid-year, Colorado Springs had already seen 27 deaths related to traffic collisions this year, with three bicycle riders losing their lives on the streets. Although none of the bike-riding fatalities have resulted in criminal charges against drivers, the families of people killed by negligent or distracted driving may have a case for financial damages.

An attorney may be the most helpful ally if the victim of a bicycle accident or the family of a bicycle fatality thinking of filing a civil lawsuit against a driver at fault. A suit may be more effective if a lawyer can advise the plaintiffs during strategy and a possible hearing or negotiation.