4 safety tips every bicycle commuter can follow

On Behalf of | May 4, 2019 | Firm News

If you commute on your bicycle, such as to and from school or work, you understand the many benefits. From saving time to saving gas to saving the environment, there are many reasons to ditch your car and hop on your bike.

Unfortunately, just the same as with a motor vehicle, it’s possible you could be injured in a bicycle accident at some point.

Here are four safety tips every bicycle commuter in Colorado can follow:

  • Make eye contact with drivers: It’s important to make eye contact, as often as possible, as this ensures that the driver knows where you are. Also, it gives you the opportunity to adjust your biking accordingly.
  • Watch for right turns: Many drivers don’t check their blind spot before making a right turn, thus increasing the risk of an accident. So, if you’re driving next to a vehicle as it approaches an intersection, back off a bit in anticipation of a right turn.
  • Beware of opening doors: It’s not just moving vehicles that can cause a bicycle accident. Once a person parks, they’ll soon open their door. Doing so into your path of travel is dangerous, as you could hit their door head-on.
  • Use bicycle lanes when available: There is no safer place to ride than a bicycle lane. It’s safer than the shoulder of the road, the sidewalk or riding in traffic. Even though motor vehicles aren’t supposed to drive in the bicycle lane, keep in mind that some drivers may break this law.

These are just a few of the many safety tips you can follow as a bicycle commuter. They don’t guarantee your safety, but they’ll definitely give you some peace of mind.

What happens if you’ve already been injured?

If you’re injured in a car-bicycle accident, do these things:

  • Move to safety and call 911 to request help.
  • Administer first aid until paramedics arrive.
  • Receive treatment at a local hospital.
  • Follow the treatment plan suggested by your medical team.
  • Contact your insurance company.

Following these steps allow you to focus on both your personal and financial well-being. Once your health is in order, you can turn more of your attention to the accident itself and how to seek compensation for your injuries.