Hidden brain injuries are common after a car accident

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Whether a car accident is a multi-car pileup or just fender-bender, it may still leave the drivers and passengers involved with injuries they don’t realize they have. This is particularly true of head injuries, which may happen so quickly that victims don’t remember them happening at all. Any sufficient blow to the head can leave a victim with a brain injury, even if there is not bruising, swelling or bleeding from the injury.

Any time that you or someone you love experiences a car accident, whether it seems big or small, it is always wise to seek out a professional medical examination immediately. Many injuries that can occur during car accidents are not painful for hours or days after the accident, and catching them early on can make a victim’s recovery less painful, less expensive and may even prevent a serious injury from growing worse.

By seeking proper medical care quickly, you can establish medical documentation and treat injuries before they worsen, which are both very useful if you need to file a personal injury claim after the accident. Building a strong personal injury claim and using the legal tools you have available can help you turn your time and energy to your recovery while keeping your rights secure throughout the process.

Why are head injuries so dangerous?

When most of us think of brain damage, we may imagine a person who receives a severe blow to the head that leaves them in a coma or otherwise unable to communicate or participate in the world. However, even a small blow to the head can cause mild brain damage, which is often just as destructive as major brain damage, if left undiagnosed and untreated.

A mild brain injury may not cause any symptoms for several days after the injury, or even up to a few weeks. In that time, victims and others around them may forget that they suffered a blow to the head at all. Once symptoms begin arising, the victim may not realize that the head injury is the cause, and may find it very difficult to navigate their recovery.

Common symptoms of mild brain injuries often include changes in personality and behavior, which may quickly disrupt a victim’s ability to do their job or engage with their family and community. Often, victims find that they simply cannot complete tasks they know well, or cannot learn a new process that they should pick up quickly. At the same time, a mild brain injury may cause the victim to react to frustrating situations with volatility, often causing a scene.

Mild brain injuries tend to shake up a victim’s ability to communicate clearly, and they may frequently misinterpret what others say to them in conversation or the things they read. This too can quickly harm their personal and professional lives. Without a proper medical diagnosis and treatment, convincing others that the victim has a medical condition and is now suddenly an unreliable individual may prove difficult.

Protect your rights today

Property damage and personal injuries from a car accident are serious matters, and you must defend your rights when you suffer harm in a car accident. Make sure that you use your time and resources to care for yourself and build a strong legal strategy that can help you keep your rights secure throughout your recovery, however long it may take.