Seeking out ways to increase your visibility as an avid cyclist

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2020 | Bicycle Safety

The feel of the breeze rushing by and the concept of choosing a healthier means of transportation are just two of the many possible benefits of being an avid cyclist. Regardless of what drives you to hit the open road on your bike, you probably consider it essential to protect your safety in the process.

As you ride along Colorado roads, it might not be uncommon for you to share the lanes of traffic with countless others. While you cannot control the behaviors of nearby drivers, you may be able to reduce the odds that their actions might affect your safety by increasing the chances they will detect your presence.

Increasing visibility

Studies indicate that many bicycle-related crashes occur due to drivers failing to spot a cyclist prior to impact. As such, finding ways to increase your visibility is imperative and some ways to help you achieve such a goal may include:

  • Equip your bike: Equipping your bike with lights and reflective indicators prior to hitting the open road is not only a requirement but may also play an integral role in increasing your visibility.
  • Additional measures: Taking additional measures such as placing reflective stickers on your bike could also help you be more visible and reduces the chances that nearby drivers might fail to spot you.
  • Wear bright colors: Bright-colored clothing could also help you stand out in traffic, and it could even be helpful to consider wearing a bright-colored helmet or placing reflective stickers on your helmet.
  • Positioning is key: Knowing how to properly position yourself in traffic could also prove imperative and taking care to avoid staying in blind spots could help prevent a dangerous scenario.

Since you do not have the same level of protective barriers as those behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, taking measures to reduce the chances of a bicycle-related crash could be essential.

Preparing for the journey

Part of finding ways to stay safe as you travel starts with how you prepare for the journey. Finding ways to increase your visibility and knowing the risks you may encounter on the open road could help promote a safer riding experience. As it may come as no surprise that bicycle-related collisions can have disastrous consequences, taking every possible measure to prepare to journey near traffic could help reduce the odds you might encounter a hazardous situation and help you safely reach your destinations.