What types of injuries are common in mountain biking accidents?

On Behalf of | May 11, 2021 | bicycle accidents

Cycling is an activity that many enjoy, and as a cyclist, there may be various types of activities and settings in which to spend your free time. While some may feel more inclined to use their bikes as a means of travel, you might prefer to do most of your cycling through mountain trails. 

As a mountain biking enthusiast, there is a chance you might look forward to every opportunity you get to head out on Colorado biking trails. Such an activity can be full of exciting and enjoyable moments, but with a variety of safety risks involved, it can also prove somewhat hazardous at times. 

Common MTB injuries 

Mountain biking injuries can come in various forms, ranging anywhere from minor cuts and bruises to serious health concerns. Some common examples of such injuries may include: 

  • Fractures: Bone fractures continue to be a concern for mountain bikers, and certain body parts may be at greater risk of fracture should an accident take place, such as the clavicle bone or bones in your extremities. 
  • Internal injuries: Any type of accident involving impact with another object may also run the risk of causing severe harm to the chest or abdomen; seeking prompt medical attention for internal injuries could prove imperative. 
  • Soft tissue and joints: Deep lacerations and joint sprains or strains are a few more examples of injuries that prove common among mountain biking accidents; such injuries could have a lingering impact on your life. 
  • Head injuries: Head injuries are also an issue in similar incidents, and while some of these injuries may involve little more than a minor concussion, others could prove more serious in nature, such as traumatic brain injuries. 

Such accidents can also occur under various scenarios, and while some might involve rider error, other prevalent issues could range anywhere from bicycle part malfunction to incidents stemming from the reckless behavior of others. 

After an accident 

Regardless of how it happens, a mountain biking accident could leave you with serious injuries and facing a lengthy recovery period. Such injuries may not only force you to take time away from your passion of cycling, but they could also affect various aspects of your life, potentially disrupting your ability to carry out everyday tasks. A similar scenario can be a difficult thing to accept, especially if it comes as the result of another party’s negligence.