Simple steps towards safe motorcycle travel

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents

The freedom of traveling via motorcycle is intoxicating for enthusiasts. However, with that joy comes the possibility of serious, if not deadly, accidents. Specific steps in the form of protective gear and adherence to laws can minimize injuries should a collision with another motor vehicle occur.

In spite of statistics that show that helmets minimize deadly accidents, Colorado does not require riders 18 and older to wear the potentially life-saving headwear. Those under 18 are required to wear them, and they must be DOT-approved.

The Do’s and Don’ts

Statistics paint a grim picture. Sixty-five percent of fatal accidents involved motorcyclists not wearing helmets who were residents of states that did not have all-rider helmet laws in 2016. By comparison, states with those regulations saw 13 percent of deadly mishaps.

What is required is some form of eye protection for all riders and their passengers, from visors on helmets to goggles and eyeglasses with safety or plastic lenses. Windshields are an exception due to inadequate eye protection.

For those traveling with passengers, motorcycles must have footrests for passengers that must be used at all times with riding. Passengers must remain on the seat or in a sidecar, never in front of the driver.

All the protective gear in the world can still result in severe injuries and death if cyclists attempt to overtake a motor vehicle in the same lane, referred to as “lane-sharing/splitting.” Two travelers riding side-by-side is legal. Also, towing – attaching the motorcycle to another vehicle – is prohibited due to the potential for catastrophe.

What to Remember

In Colorado, wearing a helmet is a personal choice for riders 18 and older. As we’ve discussed, however, Colorado law does require some form of eye protection and prohibits lane-splitting with cars or trucks. It also requires footrests for passengers and prohibits passengers from riding in front of the driver.

If an accident does occur, it makes sense to discuss your situation as soon as possible with an attorney experienced in resolving motorcycle accident claims.