These things may lead to a semitruck crash

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2020 | Firm News

People who traverse the roadways in Colorado are likely going to come across semitrucks during their journey. For the most part, nothing will happen when they cross each other; however, it is possible that a crash will occur.

For the victim of a semitruck crash, one of the primary concerns at first is getting medical care and the police report filed. Individuals who are involved in these wrecks should usually have a medical evaluation even if they don’t think they have suffered an injury because the injury might be hidden.

Once they receive the medical care they need, the victim may decide that they are going to seek compensation. This brings up the question of fault. In order to determine who was at fault for the crash, and who is financially liable, the cause of the wreck must be found out. Here are a few common causes of semitruck crashes that might be investigated:

Truck or cargo issues

Problems with the semitruck can lead to drivability issues. This can be due to maintenance or defective components. In addition to the rig needing to be in good condition, the cargo has to be secured properly. There are industry standards for this, as well as government regulations, for how cargo should be secured. Truckers should check the securement each time they stop to head off potential safety hazards.

Inclement weather

You never know what the weather in Colorado is going to do, and you can move through several different climates if you’re driving across the state. This can be difficult for truckers to handle because they might not be accustomed to those quickly changing conditions if they didn’t grow up here.

Driver error

Truckers drive many miles over the course of their career, but this doesn’t mean that they always follow proper safety procedures. It’s possible that they might just be having an off day; however, negligence and recklessness are inexcusable. Sometimes, factors like distractions and fatigue might come into the picture.

When you’re struck by a semitruck, you should try to get started on your legal claim quickly. There are time limits set for getting these cases filed, but there’s also the need to preserve evidence. The sooner you get the legal process started, the more likely you’ll be able to do this.