Handling Insurance Issues So Cyclists Don’t Have To

Insurance issues in accidents are always complex. They can become especially difficult in cases involving bicycles. We know – we have handled them firsthand.

At VanMeveren Law Group, we are experienced advocates for injury victims throughout Colorado, Wyoming and Arizona. If you are a cyclist who suffered a devastating crash involving a negligent driver, we can explain the issues in detail so you understand your rights.

What To Know About Insurance

Our founding attorney, Bryan VanMeveren, wrote the book on bike accidents – literally. His book, Your Guide To Road Cycling Safety in Colorado, offers the knowledge and insight drawn from his decades of experience as a bike injury attorney and avid cyclist, as well as a former insurance adjuster. In it, some of the major issues he discusses include:

  • Liability: This refers to who has fault for an accident. Insurance companies try to place liability on bicyclists so they don’t have to pay your claim.
  • Evidence: Having photographs of the crash site, documentation of your injuries, testimony from a doctor or witnesses, or other evidence is critical for your success.
  • Comparative fault: In Colorado, if a judge decides that a bicyclist is more than 50% at fault for a crash, they lose their right to recover compensation. If a bicyclist has partial fault but it is less than 50%, they can recover compensation proportionate to their percentage of fault. For example, a cyclist who has 20% fault can recover up to 80% of their damages.

Do you feel confused reading this information? Don’t worry – this is completely common, as insurance law and personal injury law are complex. You do not have to make sense of it alone. Our attorneys can go over the law, discuss your options and advocate for your best interests.

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